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It can be quite hot in New Mexico, especially when the sun is up at 90 degrees; the only avail people find from the hissing heat is to enter their swimming pools and relax. But that is not possible if the swimming pool is broken or out of promotion. The most rented service in the case of plumbing in the United States is the pool repair service. Still, it seems that the professional input seems to be missing in various pool repair transactions and anyone having a little knowledge about it calls themselves the expert. This is why you should choose Pool Repair Albuquerque over these wannabe pool repair services because you need the absolute best experience.

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Your pool is an investment, and like any good investment, you need to nurture and make sure that it is functioning at its best. But you can’t do that until you know what is wrong with your pool and what inconsistencies are there that need to be addressed. Pool Repair Albuquerque having a broad team of professional pool repair serviceman will be able to address these issues for you. The cracked edges, chipped walls, leaking pool surface, and faulty water pump that will just not filter water right, you name it, Pool Repair Albuquerque can handle all of it and more.

The edge that this amazing pool repair service has over competitors is they know all about the New Mexico weather and how it affects the performance of your pool. So, this provides them with a lot of insight to tackle various pool-related problems without engaging in the foreplay of checking everything and wasting hours on end to get to the main issue. If you are not fully bent on the idea that your pool needs a good repair right now, then the following are some of the signs to look out for;

Signs Your Swimming Pool Needs Repaired

Wall cracks

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Most of the pools in New Mexico are concrete pools, and even if you have tiled lined up in the bottom or side of the walls, cracks could emerge because beneath all these tiles is concrete. If you see these cracks emerging in the wall of your pool, then it means your pool requires immediate attention from yourself. The continuously leaking water from the cracks means waste in your pool, and it can also erode or even weaken the soil that surrounds your pool. If left unattended, then it can become a serious issue for you in the afterglow.

Broken lights

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Broken lights not only take the fun out of the night swims but are a deadly combination given the electricity conduits becoming exposed and your pool filled with water; you get the picture, right? If you have broken lights, then it means that these require your attention right away. Repairing these lights is not something that you should be turning into a DIY (do it yourself) project for reasons such as you don’t have any experience, and any fatality can prove fatal. That is why it is best if you call Pool Repair Albuquerque to have these broken lights fixed for you.

Unclean water due to a leaking or busted pipe

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There is a cross interpretation between a leaking water pipe and unclean water in your pool. Even if you are doing a regular water change and the filtering system in the pool is working as it should, muddy or cloudy water should be. The main reason for the unclean water in your pool is because the pipework in your pool is busted, and therefore the unfiltered water is seeping back into the pool. The blocked debris in the pipe or disintegrating infrastructure is the main reason for these pipes to go bad and the very reason the water supply is restricted to the filtration system and only a small volume of water is getting filtered.

The pool pump going bad

Another reason for the water going bad or cloudy is the faulty water pump. A water pump might go bad if the belts run with no water and run dry. This causes the belt to tear up when it runs too hot and can cause an interruption regarding water filtration which means less water being filtered and a majority of it being washed up into the pool unattended. Just like repairing the lights, it is important that you leave the pool pump repair to the experts and call Pool Repair Albuquerque, New Mexico. Even if it seems that the repair is only minimal and you can attend to it on your own, refrain from doing it and wait for the experts to arrive.

The average cost of the pool repair

The pool repair cost varies from the kind of repairs you want and the intensity of the repair to being with. If you are looking at only the maintenance-related elements of pool repair, it might cost you between $250-$1000, including repairing a few faulty machines such as the water pump, repairing leaking pipes, and tending to the edges from where the water seems to be seeping. On average, you might end up spending about $630 on these general repairs and then getting your pool ready for use.

The labor is typical $80-$120 per hour, but if you are looking forward to getting a lot of work done, it might cost you anywhere between $2100 and $2700. But most of the contractors are going to quote you a flat rate with materials included. Skimmer repair is another thing that you should be considerate about. Skimmers are the tools that reroute the water towards the water filtration pump, and if the outer seal is leaking, then it doesn’t carry water towards the water filter, which is a serious issue. Only repairing the outer seal of the skimmer can cost you about $100-$125.

But at the end of the day, you need to ask for a genuine quote from a professional such as Pool Repair Albuquerque to have an exact idea of how much cost the pool repairs would incur.

Factors you need to consider when hiring a professional pool repair service

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This is limited to the professionals from Pool Repair Albuquerque in New Mexico and whatever professional service you are hiring for your pool repair. Experience is the first ice breaker in this regard, and then moving on, you have licensing and reputation of the firm; all of this matters a lot when it comes to hiring a professional pool repair service, so you need to be mindful about it. Have a look at the following factors that you need to consider when hiring a pool repair service;


Experience is the primary element in this selection; you need to assess the level of experience of the pool repair service that you want to hire. It will have a direct impact on how the pool will be managed and if you will be able to get a positive response on the investment or the money you are about to spend. Never compromise on the experience of the professionals, as it is possible that you might hire a newbie and end up ruining your pool far worse than it was before. Take a look at their portfolio, as it will give you a more comprehensive reach into the various pool models that they have tended to in the past. This directly corresponds to their experience and skillset.


Access to the information is easier than ever now, and all you have to do is to type the name of the pool repair service into a search engine, and you will be able to find all sorts of data around it. It is essential that you verify the integrity of the pool repair service you will go in business with. Check for the client reviews on the main website of the pool repair service you want to hire. If nothing seems to be helping, then check their social media pages. You will definitely make up your mind then, given the interaction their page has with the local audience.

Services offered

A pool is a dynamic platform that calls for a diverse skill set as there is plumbing, machine-related repair, and more to repair. Therefore it is important that the service you hire is able to tackle a lot of pool-related repairs. For example, if you are hiring a residential pool repair service, then you need to make sure that they have different packages crafted beforehand, tending to various needs of the clients. You must choose a package that covers a wide array of services, including cleaning and maintenance. If you want to save money, then you should hire a service that provides cleaning, maintenance, and repair-related services on the go.

Licensing and insurance

The last thing that you want to do is hire unlicensed people to look at your compromised pool. If push comes to shove and they end up breaking something, then they will not be liable for it, and you will end up paying for it out of your own pocket. You have not only wasted your time and money, but your pool-related problem still exists. Before finalizing the details with a pool repair company in New Mexico, it is best if you ask them about their license to operate in the area.

Ensure that the firm’s insurance is also up to date, so you don’t end up in the dark and get hurt both financially and emotionally in the long run. The insurance part will cover you if something breaks while the professionals are working on-site, thus saving you from paying for the screw-ups that happen on the professional’s end.

Why choose Pool Repair Albuquerque?

Pool Repair Albuquerque has been serving the local clientele and the commercial and elite residents of New Mexico. It means that they have an extensive set of experience under their belt and are prepared fully to deal with any issues that persist. The pool repair approach that Pool Repair Albuquerque is also a little different and unique from the competition; professionals scan each and every section of your pool, i.e., from plumbing to checking the water filtration and pool pump and even for the possible signs of leakage.

After the inspection is done and the team has caught all the possible anomalies in your pool, a working strategy is developed that covers everything on the list of repairs while professionals take a turn to repair all of these issues. In the end, when all the repairs are crossed from the list, a final touch is given by checking everything again and making sure that everything is working as it should.

Even after the repair is done and the team has left your premises, the Pool Repair Albuquerque will be responsible for any further problems that persist. Not only will the professionals be sent back to the site to check the issues but make amends. Pool Repair Albuquerque is on a mission to make you happy and pleased with your pool repairs and will be standing by your side until you do so.